Temperature Controllers

Green Air Products temperature controllers are designed to monitor temperature, operate fans, air conditioning, heaters, and other temperature equipment. Our controls are mounted in brush finish anodized aluminum housings which provide superior resistance to corrosive humid atmospheres for years of dependable service. Illuminated switches and function indicator lights and an easy to read white dial face make our equipment an attractive addition to your system. Green Air Products atmospheric controllers are designed to easily plug into wall outlets or each other for easy installation. All controllers are fully assembled and ready to use and no hard wiring is required. Green Air Products uses only high quality UL listed components chosen to meet the specialized needs of a greenhouse or grow room climate. The controllers operate on 110 volts.


The Temp-H/C Temperature Controller is switchable between heat and cool. Perfect for plant zone environments, reptile habitats or any other application requiring automatic switching of heating and cooling equipment. Available with a 3 (TEMP-H/C-3) or 7 (TEMP-H/C-7) differential depending on the span of control desired. Temperature range 40 to 110 F (4 to 43 C)

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The combination plug/receptacle power cord receives power when the atmospheric temperature varies from your preset level. The sensor allows a 7 (3) comfort zone between "on" and "off" functions. Simply plug the Temp H/C into a standard 110 volt outlet and plug your equipment into the combination outlet on the backside of the power plug. Set the dial to your set-point and when that temperature is reached the control will either heat or cool depending on your mode switch to adjust temperature 7 (3) and shut off. 15 amp maximum.

Also available with a 10 ft. remote bulb sensor. This option has the 7 differential. Order this model Temp H/C-R

Temp- H/C Tempstat Instruction Manual 


All Control Stats utilize a duplex power cord which provides a combination plug and receptacle design. Insert plug into 110V wall outlet and plug equipment into piggy back receptacle.



Designed with two thermostats, the CT-CT-1P temperature controller offers one temperature setting during the day (light period) and a different temperature at night (dark period). The CT-CT-1P is equipped with a photo sensor to automatically switch between day and night temperature settings. Internal sensors allow a 7F comfort zone or 3F with an external coil or remote bulb. Built with 4 synchronized outlets, the CT-CT-1P can control up to 15 Amps of cooling equipment. Like all our controllers, the CT-CT-1P is manufactured with corrosion resistance, black anodized chassis and durable components providing reliable performance for years to come.

CT-CT-1P Instruction Manual (English)



This controller also offers two thermostats for different day (light period) and night (dark period) temperatures plus CO2 override. When the temperature in your space reaches the set point, any CO2 enrichment equipment plugged into the left outlets is deactivated until exhaust functions are complete. In addition to switching the controller from day to night temperature settings, the on-board photo sensor defeats CO2 enrichment during periods of darkness.

CT-CT-3P Instruction Manual (English)


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