Instructions and Literature

Below you will find many of the helpful documents that Green Air Products offers. Instruction booklets for our products, bulletins, flyers, reports, and anything else we think you might want. You can just look at them or print them. They are PDF files and you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. This is a common utility and you probably already have it. If you click on the product icon photo and nothing happens you may need to download this free software to take advantage of this information.

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2005 Atmospheric Controls & CO2 Catalog
2005 Supplements, Nutrients & Solutions Catalog



  Equipment Instruction Manuals
MCC-1 Instruction Manual
CST-1 Instruction Manual
CT-DH-1(P) Quick Start Instructions (English)
CT-DH-3(P) Quick Start Instructions (French and English)
CT-DH-4(P) Quick Start Instructions (English)
THC-1 Humidity Controller Instruction Manual (French and English)
Temp- H/C Tempstat Instruction Manual 
TSC-1 Timestat Instruction Manual (French and English)
Cyclestat 4 Instruction Manual
Lighting Timer's Instruction Manual (French and English)
RHC(R) Instruction Manual (English)

CT-CT-1P Instruction Manual (English)

CT-CT-3P Instruction Manual (English)

  CO2 Monitor Controllers
SPC-1 Instruction Manual (English / Spanish)

   CDMC-6 Instruction Manual (English)

   CDMC-6 Instruction Manual (Spanish)

  CDMC-7 Instruction Manual

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   7001 CO2 Monitor Instructions

  7001 CO2 Monitor Flyer

Generators and Emitters

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CO2 Generator Instructions

CO2 Generator Gas Conversion Instructions

Nutrient and Supplement Labels
Genesis - Stage Feeding Schedule

Genesis - Microbase Label
Genesis - Grow 1 Label
Genesis - Bloom 3 Label
Genesis - Grow 2 Label
Liquid Sand Label
High Tide Label
Mineral Matrix Label
Synergy Label
Elements For Success

Beneficial Microbes - The Living Element For Success

Benefits of Unconventional Mineral Nutrients & Rare Earth Elements

Boost Your Light Potency - Tips & Tricks

Control Your Temperature - For Year Round Indoor Garden Success

Do You Know Your Water Quality?

Effectively Implementing Co2

How Do You Like Your Humidity?

Humic & Fulvic Acids - For a Balanced, Healthy Garden

The Wonders of Seaweed

UL Listing Makes a World of Difference

Unraveling The Mystery or PGRs, Growth Products and Stimulants

Why Grow Organic?