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groedge.gif (11868 bytes)    The Growing Edge magazine is a premium source for hydroponic related information. It offers articles on a wide range of topics and connects you to the industries researchers, dealers and products. Gardening on the Cutting Edge! - The Growing EDGE is an international bi-monthly magazine for gardeners and professional small-commercial growers. The Growing EDGE focuses on innovative, interesting, and environmentally friendly horticulture practices,  whether a new technology such as hydroponics or revivals of traditional methods such as companion planting.


practical hydro logo.gif (10529 bytes)is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to soilless culture and protected cropping techniques. Now in its 6th year of publication, this magazine keeps commercial and home growers, researchers and educators, and the Industry up-to-date with the latest research and product developments, and profiles soilless culture techniques and enterprises worldwide.


      2gardenh.jpg (4655 bytes)     The Get Set! Gardening Page is here to assist you in finding information about gardening and yard keeping in all its many varieties.  We have personally screened all the links to save you the time of having to go through hundreds or even thousands of selections on the many search engines in search of the best ones available from all over the world. You will also find included related links for those who are into pond keeping and aquatic plants, online stores, and other various resources as a yard can encompass everything from a garden to ponds, trees and more. That is why we have further expanded this list of links to include spas and pools and anything to really finish off your yards and gardens.


aps-net logo.gif (7429 bytes)Healthy Plants • Our Future
The American Phytopathological Society   phytopathology: the science or study of plant disease

   The Horticultural Web is a dynamic community where horticulturists can stay informed, conduct business, conduct research, stay abreast of government programs, participate in community activities and communicate with fellow horticulturists. Our collection of communication and information tools within The Horticultural Web are constantly evolving and expanding as we all strive to keep up with our ever-changing, increasingly high-tech, global community.


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Fungi Perfecti has made the jump to the World Wide Web! We hope you find our Page to be both entertaining and educational. Fungi Perfecti is a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly company specializing in the distribution of cultures, tools and technologies for the cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. If you have any input for us concerning our Home Page, a catalog request or questions concerning our products, drop us a line at



territorial logo.gif (20071 bytes)The extensive cultural information found in this catalog has been developed over 17 years of conducting serious vegetable, flower, and herb trials. By testing 2 to 3 thousand seed varieties each year we know with certainty that our offerings represent the best-tasting, most-hardy selections from around the world. Our commitment to being the best garden seed company is not limited to our top rated seed selections, but extends throughout every position in our company. Over the past decade we have continually increased the minimum standard of excellence that we are willing to accept as a company.



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The Garden Gate offers gardeners and nature lovers a carefully-selected and well-organized collection of links to informative and interesting horticulture sites around the world. So if you enjoy plants, either in the garden or in nature, stop on by, the gate is open! About The Garden Gate.


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This is a excellent resource for all gardening related topics. I can't even begin to describe the features of this site, you have to see it to believe it.



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We currently have over 600 hydroponic stores listed for Australia, Canada, Europe and U.S.A. in our directory. Select from the countries below, or visit the Hydroponics Store Directory for listings to hydroponics stores worldwide. Looking for something specific in the hydroponics world, then use the Hydromall Search Engine and save valuable time.


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Books related to horticulture


Premium Greenhouses for every home garden use. Located in the Portland Oregon area for over 45 years. Visit their site for pictures and information about their beautiful products. 


My Bonzai Tree !
My Bonsai Tree ! - Learn all about Bonsai Trees!


The publications in this series provide an introduction to the principles of sustainable agriculture and some of the "systems" approaches associated with it. Beginners as well as experienced farmers who are making the transition to sustainable practices will find thoughtful insights and valuable information here.


Learn all about different forms of urban gardening and agriculture with this informational site.



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