The humidity controller is designed specifically for the control of plant growth and related environments. Easy to set and operate. The anodized aluminum enclosure provides a durable and attractive housing which will never corrode or discolor from hot, cold or humid environments. The large dial face is easy to read and adjust. This unit can be used independently or as part of a combination of control devices to coordinate numerous atmospheric functions. This controller can be switch from humidify to dehumidify with a stroke of the finger.




Control humidity automatically and accurately with Green Air Products Total Humidity Controller. The THC can be switched between humidify and dehumidify for removing unwanted atmospheric moisture accumulating within an enclosed area or to add needed moisture to the air by means of humidification. The THC-1 humidity switch controls humidity equipment by providing power when humidity varies from the adjustable set point. 

In the dehumidifying mode high humidity conditions will activate fans or other dehumidifying apparatus until level drops approximately 5%. At this point dehumidifying equipment is disabled until humidity increases again 5%.

In the humidifying mode this control operates fogging or other humidifying equipment by activating switches, motors, valves or pumps. Humidifiers can be precisely controlled according to atmospheric humidity to create ideal conditions for any environment. The 110V outlet receptacle receives power when atmospheric moisture content becomes less then your preset minimum allowable percentage.  

Switches 120V at 15 amp maximum. Sensor allows a 5% (differential) comfort zone between "on" and "off" functions. 

If your humidifier or dehumidifier already has a humidity control, turn it to full on position and set the humidity dial to your minimum desired level. The THC-1 can also be used with many other types of humidity equipment or any other electrically triggered appliances.

Basic operation to exhaust excess humidity.
Could also be controlling a dehumidifier.
Basic set-up to use for humidification control. Could also be used with a misting system.


wb01335_.gif (561 bytes)   Open PDF of THC-1 instructions in French and English



All Control Stats utilize a duplex cord-cap which provides a combination plug and receptacle power cord design. Insert plug into 110V wall outlet and plug equipment into piggy back receptacle.


Relative Humidity Controller

Microprocessor Control

RHC and RHC(R)

The RHC Relative Humidity Controller is our most recent development in total humidity control. It is switchable between humidify and dehumidify. The RHC has a built- in onboard sensor which is accurate within +/- 5% with a set differential of 5%. Perfect for plant zone environments, reptile habitats, or just about any application requiring accurate response and control. 

Plug your humidity equipment into the 120 volt 3 prong piggy-back cord.

The RHC(R) is similar to the RHC except it is designed with a 20 ft. remote sensor.

Both units operate equipment up to 15 amps at 120 volt.




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