Pure Elemental Plant Nutrients

The Planet Earth
and everything on it, is constructed of a combination of only 103 basic elements. Of these, about 15 are believed to have a beneficial effect on botanical organisms. These elements are generally found bound together to form compounds. Most of these are found as deposits in the earth, some are assimilated from the air, while still others are fixed by microorganisms from decomposing organic matter. These nutrient elements must be provided in the proper ratios for optimum plant utilization. Too much or too little of any of them will result in a loss of productivity. Mother Nature has come up with an elaborate and ingenious method of electrochemical checks and balances which control, combine and buffer these elements by their interactions. However, in this system many variables and compromises fall into play and rarely are soil conditions perfect. What nutrients are available? Are those nutrients in forms that the plants can assimilate? Man can alter soil conditions and components but he can never truly know what is in the soil. This is the advantage of hydroponic (water ) and inert growing mediums (soil-less), total control over the nutrient solution.

What is the Genesis Formula?

The Genesis Formula is a high quality plant fertilizer formulated from pure essential elemental compounds. It is properly balanced, yet flexible in design, to be simple and easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. Beginners need only follow the simple recipes on Genesis Formula labels to achieve excellent results. The more experienced gardener will find that the Genesis Formula can be adjusted to fit the individual characteristics of their own formulas or of formulas found in publications that they wish to duplicate. Plant nutrients or fertilizers are simply a combination of basic elements that plants, through the process of photosynthesis, convert to food and energy. At various stages in their growth, plants may require more or less of these elements to achieve peak results. All four parts of The Genesis Formula include elements that are needed for strong healthy plants. The Genesis Formula is innovative in it's design and composition providing the most versatile hydroponic nutrient package on the market. The four part system allows flexibility to construct nutrient blends to meet the nutritional requirements of any crop in any stage of growth. Green Air Products has carefully balanced these basic elements so that each component provides a benefit that is unique to the system. By doing this, the possible variations in the nutrient formulations are unlimited. The labels include, along with the NPK values, actual elemental percentages after dilution, and the parts per million    ( ppm ) at 1 ml per gallon. The Genesis formula is manufactured as a saturated paste concentrate which when diluted becomes a pure and easy to use liquid fertilizer, available in quarts, gallons and 5 gallon sizes. Also available by the pound at bulk rates for commercial applications.

A Brief Description Of Each Component

The Micro Base

The MicroBase contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and the micro nutrients you will need in your recipes. Micronutrients are trace elements that are essential to plant growth. To varying degrees, MicroBase will appear in most formulations. This solution is formulated to provide all the trace elements required for essential internal plant functions without danger of a detrimental mineral build up from repeated usage. High quality chelated micronutrients, supply superior ion exchange, aiding in plant absorption and preventing elemental lock up, common with non chelated minerals. The MicroBase Formula also includes nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium which are used in proportionally large quantities by the plant. The MicroBase, is the foundation of our complete nutrient system, and should be used in combination with the Genesis Grow or Bloom supplements.

The Grow #1

The Grow #1 provides nitrate nitrogen, potassium, and calcium. Some plant varieties and growth conditions respond best to non-ammoniacal nitrate nitrogen formulas. This mix is specially blended to provide additional nitrogen for the foliage stage of leaf and stem growth. Grow #1 contains nitrate nitrogen which makes it especially desirable for steady, compact, dark green growth. Use for house plants, other long term plants, and for plants growing in low light conditions. This formula is often preferred for rockwool mediums, to maintain a stable nutrient pH. Grow #1 also provides high calcium, often deficient in other commercially available fertilizers. Use Grow #1 in combination with MicroBase, Grow #2 and Bloom #3 as desired. As separate components, the Genesis Formula system facilitates the capability to easily vary the nitrogen levels in your nutrient mixes.

The Grow #2

The Grow #2 provides ammoniacal nitrogen, potassium and calcium. Ammoniacal nitrogen is easily absorbed by plants. The result is fast growth over a short cycle. Very suitable for production crops. Grow #2 is an ammonium nitrogen formula also providing calcium and potassium. Ammonium nitrogen is a highly active form of nitrogen immediately available and quickly assimilated by plant mechanisms. Beneficial for high yield and short cycle crops in accelerated growth environments. Super fast exaggerated succulent growth is characteristic of this blend. Excellent as a foliar spray for first aid to nitrogen deficient crops. Not recommended for low light conditions because elongation may result.

The Bloom #3

The Bloom #3 is lower in nitrogen and has higher proportions of phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus and potassium promote rooting and are essential during flower and fruit production. Genesis Formula #3 is a bloom and fruit promoting blend designed to encourage flower bud formation and enhance the later stages of plant development. It provides additional phosphorus and potassium to stimulate blossoms and fruit production for maximum yield and early harvest. It is also excellent as a starter formula to aid in the initiation of new roots and to reduce transplant shock. Use with MicroBase and Grow formulas whenever increased phosphorus and potassium are desired.

These components can be combined in any ratio required to achieve the blend you want. To assist you in doing this, Green Air Products has designed a formula variation chart, found on the following pages. Also included ,are sample recipes complete with the total added parts per million and a break down of the 5 most essential elements.

To find more specific information on each of the Genesis components choose from below

Micro Base

Grow # 1

Grow # 2

Bloom # 3

For instruction on application rates for different types of plants

Fertilizer Application

For helpful information about basic plant physiology and nutrition

Plant Nutrition

If you want to know more about essential plant elements and the roles they play in the plants metabolism

Nutrient Properties

If you need to brush up on basic nutrient solutions and how to mix and maintain them

Fertilizer Interpretation

For a listing of symptoms of plant nutrient toxicity and deficiencies

Toxicity and Deficiency

For a chart to determine application rates for a variety of crop types and stages of growth

Formula Chart

For the dilution factors and procedures to mix the Genesis Formula from bulk saturated paste into a liquid concentrate

Dilution Factors


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