Flat Whisper Fans

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4 inch   FF-4
105 cfm

6 inch   FF-6
235 cfm

10 inch   FF-10
550 cfm

The following are the noise ratings for the flat fans measured in dB  @ 1M:

    4" fan = 54 (105cfm)              6" fan = 59 (235cfm)           10" fan = 52 (550cfm)


This useful fan tube adapter FTA-1 is predrilled to fit on the intake and the exhaust ports of the blower. Use to attach 4 inch duct to fans or wall inlet/outlet connections.

 Use FTA-2 for 465 cfm blower.

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FTA-1   4 in. 

FTA-2   Double 4 in. 


Rugged flexible aluminum ducting is excellent for canopy venting purposes. It is light weight and self supporting to minimize hanger requirements. This 4 inch diameter conduit is expandable to 15 feet and easily cut to length.FD-1     4 in.    lamp2.gif (78948 bytes)