The following information is intended to provide a guideline for new dealership inquiries. If you have any questions regarding these provisions please fell free to contact us for clarification. Our intensions are to provide a fair and beneficial policy to maintain the highest degree of service and security for all of our industry partners and to best serve the hydroponic market as a whole.

Green Air Products is a primary distributor for hydroponic equipment and supplies, the first and most recognized name in this industry. We manufacture or distribute nearly every item necessary to stock your store with the latest and most requested products. Make time to research our web site and familiarize yourself with the variety of items we provide. If you do not see something that you are looking for, do not hesitate to inquire because if we do not have it, we will most likely be able to refer you to one of our industry colleagues who does. 

Below is a standard dealer inquiry reply:

First let me thank you for your inquiry.  I am pleased that you are interested in our products. Green Air Products is a manufacturer and distributor, specializing in products specific to the hydroponic industry. Our products can be found in virtually every hydroponic store in the US and Canada. We do no direct sales and support our dealer network exclusively.

Please reply with a letter of intention, including any information pertinent to your application, or that may be relative to your qualification as a dealer. The primary requirement is that you must have a hydroponic related business. We will require photographs of your storefront and showroom. You may print a dealers application and fax it to us:

I am assuming you have access to the internet and have been to our web site. All the product information you will need for now is available there at . If you prefer printed material, we will be pleased to send that as well. Once you are granted dealer status you will receive proprietary information and literature.

The suggested US price list can be found at Wholesale pricing is held confidential until dealership is granted. Dealers receive a standard industry discount. If you have a special need for early pricing disclosure, please describe your circumstances in reply. Minimum orders or line stocking are not required. New dealers will stand as COD accounts unless prior arrangements are authorized.

I hope this helps you get underway and I wish you good fortune in your new endeavor. I can assist you with any product or service related issues, in any aspect regarding this industry, either by providing you with referrals, or technical guidance.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Credit terms may be established by accounts that provide vendor and bank references, and are subject to
    approval. Green Air Products reserves the right to decline or reduce credit based on account activity or history. Special terms or conditions require a written request to Green Air Products, which must be approved by Green Air Products management.
  2. C.O.D. terms are available for domestic accounts only. A minimum of one (1) year favorable account status with Green Air Products is required for open account terms. Restrictions may apply.
  3. Any order $3000 or greater qualifies for free ground shipping. Account credit must be in good standing to receive this shipping allowance. Any back orders resulting from a qualifying order will receive the same shipping status as the original order. Green Air Products reserves the right to restrict or withdraw this offer at any time.
  4. Green Air Products does not sell directly to the public. We value our Distributor and Dealers and do not want to compete with you in any way.
  5. Delinquent invoices will assess a 2% per month service charge until all open invoices have been paid in full. No discounts will apply on subsequent invoices until overdue balance is satisfied.
  6. Monies due after 90 days will be submitted to a designated collection agency to recover invoices due, fees & accrued interest .
  7. All credits issued by Green Air Products must be used within six (6) months of issuance or the credits will be dismissed and reverted back to Green Air Products.
  8. A return authorization number, issued by Green Air Products Warranty Department must accompany defective products submitted for warranty repair or replacement. Qualified items should be returned within 30 days with a brief description of the malfunction. Green Air Products will evaluate the failure and either replace or repair the unit at our discretion. Returned items will ship least cost delivery unless otherwise arranged. If the RMA# is not on the outside of the package, delivery will be refused.
  9. A $20.00 drop ship fee per box is assessed on all UPS drop ship orders. This includes all packaging materials & labor costs to process and ship products. All other shipments will be shipped as stocking orders to the Customer’s primary location.


Green Air Products Dealership Policies

The following outline of policies enacted by and enforced by Green Air Products, from this point referred to as Green Air Products, are considered formal, yet not all inclusive in part as a guideline to create a standard of equity throughout its distribution and marketing channels.

1. Merchant must provide credentials deemed adequate to insure that a proper and reasonable knowledge of product operation and application is evident or forthcoming.

2. A physical place of business is established which enables an open venue for public access. Said location must include a visible entrance that is properly marked and suitable as implied by local, state and federal guidelines.

3. Hours of operation must be consistent and conventional as considered standard and prudent to suit the needs of the industry clientele.

4. Manufacturers suggested pricing is intended to provide a fair and profitable marketplace for all merchants involved.

5. Green Air Products will not enforce territories or exclusivity’s and will provide dealer privileges to any entity meeting our qualification parameters and as so considered compliant.

6. Green Air Products does not offer drop ship services, except as a courtesy program and at that will be limited to special and occasional use only. There will be a charge applied to this service.

7. Authorized dealers must provide reasonable customer support and warrantee services. It is important to Green Air Products that our products are properly represented and that customer satisfaction is upheld to high standards.

8. Green Air Products will not knowingly participate in any actions or conspiracy outside of lawful boundaries and will immediately terminate any association with parties whose intentions are otherwise observed.

9. Green Air Products reserves and will enforce the right to refuse privileges at our discretion and denounce any dealership whom chooses willfully to cause harm or hardship to the integrity of this industry or the alliance of its members.

Revised and effective as of January One Two Thousand and Five