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Model 24-CT-1

Independent Outlets

For the basics in garden room control the 24-CT-1 might be just what you need. This handy item incorporates two of the more common requirements of a small enclosure. A timed outlet and a thermostatically controlled outlet. This unit is ideal for operating lighting, CO2 equipment, watering systems, fans etc. and provides an economical solution for many greenhouse control needs.

How To Operate

To set the timer, turn the dial to current time of day. The dial face is divided into 15 minute increments. Rotation is clockwise only. To have the timer come on at specific intervals push the black tripper switches toward the center of the dial for the "On" periods desired. The thermostat is used to operate cooling equipment and is sensitive to temperature rise. The internal sensors will allow a 7 degree comfort zone. Set the dial to the maximum temperature that you want in your growing area ( Ideal temperature + 7 degrees ) . When temperature increases to this setting the "Exhaust Equipment Outlet" ( right outlet ) will activate. These outlets operate independently and neither one defeats the other. Operates on 110VAC with 15 Amp switching capacity.

24ct1-4.gif (3541 bytes)

Installation Example

24ct1-5.gif (3000 bytes)

Used independently as shown above this dual function controller will perform two of the most essential requirements of an automated system. Available with remote bulb heating thermostat ( 24-HT-1X ) for propagation bed heating and lighting control. Do not exceed 15 Amp combined power draw.

High Load Example

By using Green Air Products High Amperage Relay ( HAR-1) high voltage or amperage draw equipment can be functioned with the precise accuracy provided by the 24-CT-1.

24ct1-3.gif (4098 bytes)

Installation Diagram

24ct1-6.gif (3913 bytes)

In this example the 24 hour clock timer will limit the CO2 cycles to desired hours by defeating the CST-1 timer. The cooling thermostat will function exhaust fan according to temperature fluctuations. External coil or remote bulb sensors are optional.

Calibration Procedure

The internal temperature sensor installed in this controller has been calibrated and should not require further adjustment. The thermostat may be calibrated with trim screw through hole provided on dial face under the set point knob. Avoid undue pressure on trim screw. Adjustments are very slight and 1/8 turn either way is usually adequate. Place thermometer next to controller and let it stabilize to ambient temperature. Unplug fans or CO2 equipment from controller during this procedure. The controller should remain plugged in with switch "on". Outlet light will indicate switch points. Turn thermostat knob to the left until exhaust outlet indicator light comes "on". Slowly turn knob back to the right until light switches back to the equipment outlet side. This point should match the temperature reading on the thermometer. If not, turn knob back to the left, adjust trim screw very slightly and turn knob right again to re-check switch point temperature. When switch point temperature matches that of thermometer calibration is complete. During adjustment, pressure on trim screw will cause incidental switching. This is normal and has no affect on adjustment procedure.



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