Green Air Products CO2 Generator

Size and Timing Chart


This chart will give you the minutes of operation required for the areas and models shown. Top row of the chart represents cubic feet of area in the enclosure (LxWxH) The left column is the model size. Model numbers represent maximum CO2 output per hour in cubic feet (CD-3 = 3 cuft/hr CO2)

Example: A CD-6 will take 10 minutes to produce a CO2 level of 1000 ppm in a 1000 cu. ft. enclosure. The area should be charged as quickly as possible for maximum advantage. Charging the atmosphere quickly insures that the rapid photosynthesis process will not be interrupted and the plants growth rate reduced. Five to ten minutes is a good charge time. Try not to exceed twenty minutes. Your microclimate will need to be recharged every 1 to 4 hours depending on how much CO2 is lost due to plant usage or drafts (leaks). Large greenhouses logically require longer charge times and multiple units may be necessary. The CD-36 takes 1.66 minutes per 1000 cu.ft. area to charge to 1000 ppm. Therefore a 20,000 cu. ft. area would be 20 X 1.66 which is 33.2 minutes. For this application that may be an acceptable charge time.