James A. McCaskill, "Jim" was an inspiration to anyone who likes growing plants. As a professional lecturer he taught classes about Hydroponics and plant nutrients at over a dozen community colleges, universities and garden clubs in Southern California. His ability to captivate and hold the attention of listeners was amazing. He never talked down to anyone, but could explain complex subjects so that anyone could understand.

His experience was used in the writing of 2 books that he authored. The first was Plant Nutrient Facts for Hydroponics, and the second was Container Growing and How to Make Your Own Fully Formulated Plant Nutrient. He was planning to combine the two books into one, and authorize us to publish the resulting book.


We received the permission of his widow, Gallena McCaskill, and family who kindly and graciously authorized us to combine the books into one and publish it. This is both a monument to Jim, and a very good source of information for anyone wishing to know more about plant nutrient formulation.

We are publishing Jim's work "as is" because to change it would be to lose the special flavor that was Jim's style. In some cases the work was actually in Jim's own handwriting. The fact that so many people are willing to preserve and carry on Jim's work is a tribute to the knowledge, humanity, and giving, that were Mr. James McCaskill's trademarks.

Mohsen Daha,      Foothill Hydroponics
ISBN: 0-9669557-0-6

Jim's book is available from all Green Air Dealers

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The Van Patten series of Gardening Books


George Van Patten has been authoring books for the hydroponic industry for decades. If you haven't seen these books yet then you haven't been paying attention. Hands down the best reference material for the new enthusiast
Get a book and take a look






Gardening Indoors
from George Van Patten

This book will give you a simple and complete description of both basic and advanced indoor gardening techniques that gardeners worldwide employ to achieve garden fresh produce and ornamentals year-round.

Packed full of pictures, illustrations and explanations on such topics as lighting, soil, nutrients, hydroponics, and atmospheric control. Plant section includes seedlings, vegetative and flowering, seasons, plant selection and troubleshooting.

Everything a hobby grower needs to succeed in one book.

ISBN: 1-878823-31-0


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ISBN: 0-944577-01-5

The Growing Edge magazine is a premium source for hydroponic related information. It offers articles on a wide range of topics and connects you to the industries researchers, dealers and products. Gardening on the Cutting Edge! - The Growing EDGE is an international bi-monthly magazine for gardeners and professional small-commercial growers. The Growing EDGE focuses on innovative, interesting, and environmentally friendly horticulture practices,  whether a new technology such as hydroponics or revivals of traditional methods such as companion planting.


ISBN: 0-944557-03-1

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Basic Hydroponics for the do-it-yourselfer by M. Edward Muckle,  a renowned hydroponic consultant and editor of The 20th Century Gardener publication. This is an excellent choice for the beginning hydroponic gardener.

ISBN: 0-921981-40-6

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Secrets of High-Yield Plant Growth

by Graham Reinders
Secrets of High Yield Plant Growth is a straightforward, serious text on basic to moderately advanced gardening techniques. Chapters on Super Seeds, Cuttings to Plants, High-Yield Nutrition, Temperature Control for Super Growth, Super Growing Mediums (sic), Aeroponic Growing, Foliar Feed, Pruning, Plant Doctoring, Indoor Plant Lights, Pest Control, People and Pesticides, High-Yield Supplements, and Lawns are each presented in an articulate, thorough analysis of the subject at hand. Reinders ably describes the process or concept with common sense language and logic. Charts and tables are nicely used to help the reader visually grasp difficult material.

187 pages

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