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The Genesis Formula

Bloom #3

This is for the final stage of a plants life or annual cycle or anytime flower bud formation is to be encouraged. Provides additional phosphorus and potassium to stimulate blossoms and increase fruit production. Use with Micro Base for a complete elemental formula. Use with Grow formulas when ever more phosphorus and potassium is desired. Works excellent as a starter formula by itself for rooted seedlings or cuttings to stimulate root initiation and reduce transplant shock for the first week or two after potting. Also aids to rejuvenate old lifeless plants to re-establish fresh roots.


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Guaranteed Analysis

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Total Nitrogen
Nitrate Nitrogen
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5 )


Soluble Potash (K2O)
Calcium (Ca)


These figures represent the content by percentage of each of the essential nutrients stated

Official analysis based on AOAC and EPA procedures

Beakrtub.wmf (9192 bytes)      These are the technical grade compounds used to formulate the Bloom #3


Derived from: Calcium Nitrate - Potassium Nitrate - Potassium Phosphate - 
Phosphoric Acid


Legal NPK percentage after dilution
This is the values in the oxide form (go here for explanation) 

N - 2.5%     P2O5 - 6%     K2O - 6.5%

If you want to see how to use these numbers to combine the Genesis Formula components to get a combined formula such as  10 - 15 - 25 or any other value or formula you might want to match go HERE
(Remember this is not actual, this is legal like you would see on a fertilizer label)

Below is the actual elemental percentages of NPK after you add water
to the one U.S. gallon mark

Actual elemental values after dilution

Nitrogen     2.47%       Phosphorus     2.54%       Potassium     5.53%

Nitrogen     24700 ppm        Phosphorus     25400 ppm       Potassium     55300 ppm


If you add one milliliter (ml) of the Bloom #3 (after dilution) to one US gallon of water your solution will contain in part :

N - 6.2 ppm       P - 6.3 ppm       K - 13.8 ppm        Ca - 4.5 ppm


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