Atmospheric Controllers

Green Air Products has designed a complete line of atmospheric controllers. We are certain one of them is right for you. They are designed to monitor temperature and humidity and operate fans, air conditioning, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and misting systems etc.. Our controls are mounted in brush finish anodized aluminum housings which provide superior resistance to corrosive humid atmospheres for years of dependable service. Illuminated switches and function indicator lights mounted in a black housing with an easy to read white dial face make our equipment an attractive addition to your system. Green Air Products atmospheric controllers are designed to easily plug into wall outlets or each other for easy installation. All controllers are fully assembled and ready to use and no hard wiring is required. Green Air Products uses only high quality UL listed components chosen to meet the specialized needs of a greenhouse or grow room climate. Most of our controllers are dual function and designed to work alone as an independent control or connect to other controls to simultaneously coordinate other functions. Thermostats are available in several styles and ranges. Generally controllers operate on 110 volts, however, units that operate at 240 volts may be specified by adding 240V to the model number (i.e. CT-DH-1-240V). High capacity relays (up to 30 amps) are also available upon request for either configuration. When ordering equipment to be installed in countries other than the U.S. please be sure to note this so the equipment may be properly wired for that country. Review the following pages for specific information on the equipment that you need. The following examples define only some of the operations and combination possible for synchronized control. Any of our many controllers can be interconnected with any others with no fear of equipment damage or malfunction. There is no wrong way only different ways. Feel free to experiment.

...Totally Automated Environmental Control...

The following descriptions will explain the features of the various models available. This will help you choose the controller most suited to your needs. The CT-DH-3P is the most popular model for operating your intake and exhaust fans based upon temperature and humidity, while coordinating ventilation with CO2 enrichment.





How to Order an Atmospheric Controller

Product Code Descriptions

CT = Cooling Thermostat

HT = Heating Thermostat

DH = Dehumidifying Humidistat

HH = Humidifying Humidistat

1 = Integrated Outlets*

2 = Independent Outlets*

3 = Synchronized Outlets*

4 = Split Duplex Outlet*

P = Photo Sensor

R = Remote Bulb Thermostat

X = External Coil

240 = 240 Volts

J = Junction Box (no outlets)

Cooling Thermostat (CT)
Dehumidifying Humidistat (DH)
Synchronized Outlets (3)
Photo Sensor (P)


Integrated Outlets: The left outlet  is an alternate power outlet for the thermostat

Independent Outlets: The right and left outlets work independently ( i.e. humid for left - temp for right)

Synchronized Outlets: The right outlet works alternately (defeats) the left outlet

Split Duplex Outlet: The individual duplex receptacles are split and to control various synchronized or independent functions.

Optional Control Combinations

CT-HH-1.......Cooling and Humidifying

HT-HH-1.......Heating and Humidifying

HT-DH-1.......Heating and Dehumidifying

HH-DH-1.......Humidifying and Dehumidifying

24-HT-1.......Timing and Heating

Optional Thermostat Sensors

*External Coil (Optional sensor type "X")

This feature is available on all of our thermostat apparatus. This sensor coil operates on the expansion of fluids much like a mercury thermometer and is very sensitive to subtle changes. With the sensor mounted externally it has better reference to room temperature. Extra stable performance especially in high load applications. Four degree differential between on/off functions. The best sensor choice for greenhouse installations where intense sunlight can create radiant heat.

* Refer to this option by adding an "X" after the model number. Example : CT-DH-3X

*Remote Bulb (Optional sensor type "R")

This unit has all of the great features of the external sensor with the added advantage of a flexible bulb extension. This lends itself applicable to soil or nutrient heating or cooling systems. Suitable for propagation heating mats or hot water heating circuits. Allows controller to be mounted outside greenhouse or growth chamber with sensor inside. Extra long 10ft. flexible sensor lead provides versatile applications. Four degree differential between on / off functions.

* Refer to this option by adding an "R" after the model number. Example : CT-DH-3R

CO2 Generators

CO2 Monitor/Controller

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